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Life Map Healing with 6 Weeks Of Dream Mentoring

 We all have dreams, and it’s my belief that these dreams are our soul’s blueprint! I believe if we could all move into the things that we truly love and are inspired by our world would change in an instant. If we are all not moving towards our goals and manifesting what we truly want then part of our most beautiful human mandala is missing.

It’s now possible to get my Life Map Healing session with 6 weeks private mentoring with me working towards whatever you want to manifest.


The Life Map program identifies your blocks and releases the stuck energy around them which sets you up for better results moving forward in your life. The initial 2 hour session includes an in depth review or “life map” where using a series of questions we discover where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go. Using energy work, a subconscious contemplative process, breath work & creative visualization, this intensive will help you identify and release energetic blockages from your past and empower you to move forward towards your future goals. 

Many have had great results with this session but some need more guidance and motivation in order to really start integrating them and moving forward on the pathway to their dreams. I’ve always offered more private 1 on 1 sessions with me for those who wanted to take this work further but now I have a more formal offer for us to work together and the results are life changing!

Whether it’s your love life, weight issues, challenging physical symptoms, or a career change, whatever you want to change, we are going to kickstart it together. Once the energy blocks around these issues are cleared I will design a personalized daily program with weekly intuitive guidance from me to help keep you on track and keep the energy moving forward.

Who this is for,

  • If you feel stuck in your present situation
  • If you are tired of doing the same thing with the same results
  • If you’ve decided to make a change & and are ready to commit to changing your life
  • Anyone who is ready to manifest their true purpose

My whole life has been a creative, magical journey, and I want to help you on yours. Sure there have been bumps in the road but the most important thing is we get back up and keep moving in the direction that we want to go. No one said it would be easy but guess what? It CAN be fun!! I’m all about the fun! Anyone who knows me or works with me will tell you I like to laugh and we’re not done until you are smiling or feel better!

I look forward to championing your cause as you follow your bliss & fulfill your dreams.

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