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Tse Dup Healing Circle – 5 Element Healing 

Every 3rd Tuesday @ 7pm – 8pm Central Time on Zoom

Calm your mind and relax into your heart with this ancient Tibetan healing ritual that melts away stress and takes you deeply into your self, expanding your awareness and renewing your connection with everything around you.

This healing ritual helps to strengthen the life force and soul energy by balancing the spiritual essence of the 5 elements Fire, Air, Earth, Water & Space which are represented in the body. Energetic imbalances can cause all kinds of issues such as depression, illness and obstacles in ones life. It can even affect our luck and ability to manifest our life in a joyous and meaningful way. This practice can help restore a sense of joy, well being, purpose and compassion for ourselves and others, while giving relief from those imbalances, including physical symptoms.

Offered by Zoom in the comfort of your own home, the healing ceremony is performed in the traditional Tibetan way, Tania will call in the elemental energies through invocations to the 5 directions and then through the  healing sounds of drumming and chanting of mantras you receive the energetic blessing. There is nothing to do on your part but relax, and as you listen you receive. After you register you will be sent the Zoom link. If you can’t attend the Zoom there is a distance option available also. Once you register for distance healing you will be added to Tania’s list while you meditate at your home from 7pm – 8pm, or you can add a loved one for healing support.

The healing energy will find you anywhere, you do not need to be meditating.

Tse Dup helps me to maintain my energy and move me forward with my goals in life………..Nashville participant

Registration is booked through Cosmic Connections

The Rainbow Light Activation w/Tania Smith

a guided meditation to balance your energy & inspire joy, peace & love
Every 1st Tuesday at 7pm – 8pm Central Time on Zoom
This free meditation using rainbow colored light activations will show you how to work with your chakras, release blocked energy in your body and rebalance your energy field, promoting healing, rejuvenation, and vitality of body, mind & spirit. Each meditation will build on a specific chakra practice and vary  towards the end including guided meditations incorporating gemstone frequencies for healing & ascension. There will also be a special giveaway at each event of a Crystal Gypsy Bliss Gem necklace and a free crystal from Cosmic Connections with the gemstone featured that evening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Tania is a Tse Dup Lopon Ma which means “teacher” in the Tibetan Energy Healing system of Tse Dup Yang Bod. She is also a Grammy credited songwriter and musician, intuitive channel, certified in Tibetan Energy Healing & Hypnosis and creator of energy enhanced jewelry “Crystal Gypsy Designs”.

Registration is booked through Cosmic Connections

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