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Tse Dup – 5 Element Healing

Every 3rd Tuesday @ 7pm on Zoom, partnered with Cosmic Connections, 1701 Portland Ave, Nashville TN 37215. For specific dates visit our Events page.

PLEASE NOTE :Due to COVID-19 these events will take place online through Zoom until further notice. 

Healing with the 5 elements

Join Tania for a beautiful Tibetan Bon healing ritual that helps to strengthen the life force and soul energy by balancing the spiritual essence of the 5 elements Fire, Water, Earth, Wind & Space which are represented in the body.

Energetic imbalances can cause all kinds of issues such as depression, illness and obstacles and the inability to manifest one’s life in a joyful way. The practice can help restore a sense of well being, joy and compassion for others while giving relief from those imbalances.

Calm your mind and relax into your heart in this ancient Tibetan healing ritual that melts away stress and takes you deeply into your self, expanding your awareness and renewing your connection with everything around you. Participants are meditating in a reclining position, relaxing on yoga mats with comfortable pillows by candlelight while the healing ceremony is performed in the traditional Tibetan way, through mantras, prayer and energetic blessing.

Healing Circle through Zoom is $25 and Remote Healing is $20. You can register below through Cosmic Connections online booking system. Once registered and paid you will be sent a confirmation and Zoom link by email and will also receive a reminder by email and text 1 hour before on the day. If you cannot attend the Zoom session and wish to join the healing circle remotely please choose the Distant Healing option and your name will be added to Tania’s healing list.


Tse Dup helps me to maintain my energy and move me forward with my goals in life….Nashville participant


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