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Energy Medicine Consent Form For Training with Tania Smith
Tibetan 5 Element Healing- Tse Dup Yang Bod Healer Certification Program
This form of energy healing works on the premise that there are five elements in nature, which are represented in our bodies. When these get out of balance due to stress, trauma or disease our energies become blocked & depleted resulting in energy loss and a decreased life force. Signs of soul loss are increasing obstacles in every aspect of our daily life including pain, depression, bad luck or long standing illness.

In this three year program you will learn to build five unique energies and channel them through your palms for deep soul healing through balancing the energy of 5 major organs and systems in the body, each strengthening a unique spiritual “wisdom” and decreasing negative emotions known as “poisons”.  You will also learn divinations to understand how the healing is being received, space clearing and house blessings as well as powerful mantras which help strengthen all aspects of life. As you progress through the program your meditations and sense of purpose will deepen as you expand your self awareness and intuition. As you move deeper into the program and fulfill energetic requirements your healing energy will increase as your energy body becomes stronger and more resilient against all forms of negative energy. This strength and resilience is what allows you to send powerful healing energy to others and perform hands on healing sessions.

Benefits can include but are not limited to: expanded awareness & feeling more positive, relief from stress and anxiety, sleeping better & more energy, relief from pain & physical and emotional symptoms, meditating more deeply, a deeper sense of spiritual connection, better intuition and a sense of well being. 

It can also be a very helpful complement to medical treatment to help manage side effects of procedures as well as support during those treatments.

At the end of years one and two participants who complete all 4 weekend trainings and home practice requirements will receive a certificate of achievement for that year. At the end of the third year they will receive a certificate of accomplishment through Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts, LLC. After this there will be another date set for their lineage empowerment through Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche in Nashville, TN. All participants for this event must be in Nashville for this special event as the lineage empowerment that allows them to perform public healings can only be done in person. Only after this event are you certified to perform public healings and certified as a Tse Dup Soul Healer through Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts, LLC. Trainings will be conducted in person in Nashville, at Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts, inside Cosmic Connections at 2117 8th Ave, Nashville TN. If you live outside of Nashville and cannot travel for any of the weekend intensives and wish to participate on Zoom please email Rainbow Lovina’s retreat manager Stephanie Capps at rainbowlovinaretreats@gmail.com Also you do not have to commit to the full program immediately, you are welcome to attend the first weekend to see if this program is right for you. 

If for any reason it becomes too difficult to have the program in person it will be conducted on Zoom. Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts reserves the right to cancel any event up to 30 days before and if the event is cancelled all participants will receive a full refund for that weekend intensive. Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts will not be responsible for any losses incurred due to travel or any other expenses related to the program. For pay as you go attendees, all events must be paid in full in advance. 

Please note: There will be printed course material provided and you may take hand written notes but according to the guidelines set forth by the Tibetan teachers, recording audio or video is strictly prohibited in all forms and by signing below you agree to this.

Education, Training, Credentials & Experience
Tania Smith has almost 2 decades experience with clients as an energy healer and 10 years as a teacher. Her training and her credentials include,

Tibetan Tse Dup Yang Bod – 5 Element Soul Healing, training with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche (5 year study) including traditional lineage transmissions and empowerments from both Chongtul Rinpoche and His Holiness 33rd of Menri Monastery in India. – Certifications include Tibetan Drup Shen Ma (Tibetan Soul Healer) & Tse Dup Lopon Ma (Tibetan Tse Dup Teacher) as well as ongoing training in other healing practices (9+ years).

She also has 20+ years experience as a professional touring and studio musician with major recording artists, including writing a Grammy winning song which serves as experience for mentoring those in the music and entertainment industry. She creates custom music for sound healing that is used in her healing sessions and recorded meditation programs. Other certifications include Peruvian shamanic training & she holds four hypnosis certifications. All of this experience combined serves as her background for energy healing, hypnosis sessions, intuitive guidance and mentoring.

As students of Tse Dup Yang Bod sometimes have private healing sessions later with Tania, this document covers other healing sessions with her as well as the Tse Dup Yang Bod program. Any outside one on one healing sessions with Tania are not part of the Tse Dup Yang Bod program, and are subject to outside bookings and payment.

All Tse Dup Yang Bod students agree to the following:

I have read and understand the informed consent information regarding the Tse Dup Yang Bod Healer Certification program and other services offered by Tania Smith above. 

I understand that the program and services offered by her are holistic, complementary & integrative energy based services that are accomplished through non contact touch, sound & meditative states and take place in the realm of the spiritual. Although students and clients have reported wonderful outcomes including relief from long standing physical symptoms & other life problems, energy healing & hypnosis are not substitutes for qualified professional medical advice or treatment which is encouraged by Tania at all times. Tania Smith is not a licensed medical professional, makes no medical claims & does not diagnose or treat illness of any kind. Intuitive readings are spiritual guidance and not substitutions for legal, medical, financial, business or professional advice and I have been advised to always seek the correct professional or licensed counsel if/as needed. Readings and spiritual guidance are also subject to interpretation & my own actions. 

Except in the case of gross negligence, or malpractice I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Tania Smith and Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts, LLC from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my training or healing session(s). 

My questions have been answered to my satisfaction regarding Tania’s background and what I may expect from a session or class with her. I fully consent to use the services offered by Tania Smith by signing below: 

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