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Tse Dup Yang Bod    Ancient Tibetan Soul Healing

Tse Dup Yang Bod is a Tibetan Bon healing practice that comes from a 7th century spiritual text called the Jha Ri Ma. It is a very complex healing practice that is a form of soul retrieval and works on the premise that through stress, trauma and grief in our lives we lose part of our vital energetic essence known as the life force and soul energy, and if not brought back into balance, this can affect one’s life span. The practice is based on the five elements, soul energy and five major organs communicating well together. It is very in depth and can provide a complete healing that can improve all aspects of the persons life including their luck and can be extremely beneficial.

It is taught as a three year program and students that complete the program with all requirements will be certified as Drup Shen (Tse Dup Soul Healers). Fifteen students have completed the 3 year program in Nashville and six more are in the process of completing the program. In February this year a new Year 1 group will start. This is an opportunity to learn an authentic healing practice from a Tibetan lineage that was traditionally not available in the USA until 2008. There is more info here.

Certified Drup Shen Ma with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche & Tania Smith

The  more  I’ve practiced  the  heart  mantra  the  more  I  know  why  I’m meant to do it. I’ve had some pretty amazing and radical shifts spiritually in  the  last 6  months.  I’ve  started  to  hear  my guides  more clearly,  my intuition  is to a level I’ve  always wanted and increasing more and more, not to  mention  my vibration is  finally aligning  with the  life  I wanted. I even   had  the  honor   of  going  to   Egypt  with   Tania   and  it   was  the experience of a lifetime.  I can’t wait to grow more with Tania’s guidance. Thank you Tania for being such an amazing influence on my life.”

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