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Tania offers a wide range of healing modalities to support your spiritual journey including Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, Past Life Sessions, Hypnosis and House or Business Space Clearing and Blessing. Below are detailed explanations of them. Book online below through Cosmic Connections or email if you have questions.

ENERGY HEALING   Tibetan 5 Element Healing  Tse Dup Yang Bod

This form of energy healing works on the premise that there are five elements in nature, which are represented in our bodies. When these get out of balance due to stress, trauma or disease our energies become blocked & depleted resulting in energy loss and a decreased life force. Signs of soul loss are increasing obstacles in every aspect of our daily life including pain, depression, bad luck or long standing illness. There are ways to determine which element is out of balance and then a specific energy is channeled for healing. It is a very deep system for locating the root of the imbalance. The view is that through the 5 poisons of anger, attachment, jealousy, pride and ignorance or fear we experience imbalances that weaken our life force, soul and life. Then we are susceptible to negative energies. When these are brought back into balance we display the 5 wisdoms of compassion, equality, openness, generosity and self awareness and our minds and bodies are strong so that negative energies can’t penetrate easily. When we look into the deepest aspect of Tse Dup it is about reducing these 5 poisons which is seen as the spiritual cause of energy loss and disease.

Tse Dup Can be helpful for any type of physical or emotional issue as it helps to clear blocks within the body and strengthens the life force energy. It can also be a very helpful complement to medical treatment.

What to expect at a session: There will be a brief consultation where you can discuss your concerns and needs and then you will lie down fully clothed and be guided into a peaceful relaxed state. You will relax or meditate while energy is channeled over different areas of your body to clear and balance where it is needed. There may also be mantras chanted. After the session you can discuss your experience and suggestions will be made for further treatment if needed. 

To book a session email or book online below.

Book a 30 min session  – short session or weekly tune up

Book a 45 min session  – regular session

Book a 60 min session – with full consultation

Book a 90 min combo session – energy work and intuitive tarot reading

You are without a doubt one of my guardian angels.
For the first time I felt very safe, nurtured, loved and blessed by you.

My ankle has been re-injured so many times that often when I stand up I can’t walk or put any weight on it…at all. Two minuted of your energy work took away all the pain and weakness and I stood up and walked perfectly! it literally was like a movie miracle…but it was Real!!! I can’t thank you enough!!! Truly Amazing!!!

I feel so much better today. The pain from my shoulder is gone. You lifted me up. I felt like I was flying through the house like a butterfly. It is a good feeling. Thank you very much sweet lady and sweet soul. Have a nice day.

I am 30 years old and have had multiple traumas in my life that have lead to mental and physical pain/issues. I have suffered loss since I was 12 and again at 27 years old when my fiancee passed away. I have physical issues like severe migraines and fibromyalgia etc. I was told about Tania from a friend and when I fully committed to treatment with her I have had major breakthroughs with my mental and physical issues, and for the first time in years I can see daylight again. I have better pain management through treatment with Tania than any of the many Drs I have seen over the year. I now see sunlight where there was only darkness, (those that understand this statement will know what I mean) and this has been because of the treatment sessions with Tania. I can not say enough good things about her ability to heal.

My neck was in constant pain just underneath the base of my skull. Every few years I have to see a chiropractor to have it adjusted. One minute of your energy not only stopped the pain but freed up my head/neck movement better than an adjustment with no physical manipulation!! Amazing!! Thank you!

I feel like a new, energetically whole person!
That knot of irrational fear in my left side is totally gone, no gaps, nothing but good energy Its like it never existed. Astonishing! Talking about things that triggered the fear, doesn’t do anything now! That spot in my left side feels whole. Makes me ecstatic! Too amazing! I’m feeling renewed inside and out.

INTUITIVE READING   Relationships, Career, Finances, Life path

An intuitive reading is a form of spiritual guidance. Using the tarot Tania will help you to understand the energetic pathways that are influencing your life at this time, helping you to bring areas of concern back into balance or give insights into situations that you might not be aware of. The future is never set in stone and so with this new information it can help you to have more control over your life. Tania can also help you to release energy blockages in these readings so that you can see what is happening more clearly.

Whether your are interested in relationships, work, or just “what comes next” Tania will create an open environment to help you grow and understand what is happening in your life, and give you information to help transform it. She also empowers you to learn to trust your own intuition so that you can use this powerful tool of transformation yourself.

To book a session email or book online below.

Book a 15 min reading – one question

Book a 30 min reading – specific area of concern

Book a 45 min reading – shorter in depth reading 

Book a 60 min reading – overall in-depth reading

You are such a magical mentor.

Tania’s genius is evident in her talents as an intuitive consultant, healer and teacher. I have sought guidance from her at significant crossroads for several years. She has the ability to crystallize my thoughts of confusion or doubt into clear, practical actions that have delivered powerful results for my personal life and career. I can honestly say that the clarity, calmness and inner peace after each session is invaluable. I feel deeply blessed to receive her astute guidance and extraordinary wisdom.

Thank you for yesterday Tania you helped my anxiety so much and I’m truly grateful for you and your healing gifts.

Through “Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts” not only have I tripled my income within 3 months … but I have also developed this beautiful creative flow that continues to expand within my artistic work, personal life and new business endeavors. The flow only enhances the passion with the continuous energy healing sessions, meditation, mantras and workshops from Tania Smith. Thank you for Tania for your continual dedication to your practice, to me and to all of your many other clients by instilling balance, love and light for a happy healthy soul, body and mind. You are a true gift!
Grateful everyday.

Tania helped me through a very difficult period, during which I really didn’t understand why someone important to me had dropped communication entirely. I was hurt and I’ll admit, even frightened.
She was able to see the situation as it really was – which was that the person I was worried about was just very busy, and worried about some things in life, and that there would be a reunion, and all would be well.
She was able to see particulars about the situation that I knew were true, and some things I didn’t expect. Well, she was right about all of it. The situation is resolving just as she foretold, and I am feeling really, really happy that I took her advice and didn’t do something drastic. Tania was a friend when I really needed one – what a pleasure it was to talk with her!

PAST LIFE SESSION   Have you felt that you have lived before?

Did you ever feel drawn to a place you know nothing about, but didn’t know why? Have you just met someone and felt like you have known them forever? These can all be past life connections!

Using creative visualization and intention  Tania will lead you through a simple meditation in which you can recall a past life. The benefit of Past Life Regression is that it can help you to understand your current life and relationships on a deeper level. This can help you to release stress and fears about how to move forward in your life. Empowering you to create more of what you truly want in life.

To book a session email or book online below.

Book a 60 Min Past Life Regression Session

Wow! My session with Tania was so unexpected. She is extraordinary at using hypnosis and energy work to help clear old energies. She helped me identify a pattern from many lifetimes ago that I could see had an impact in my present day life. The moment I saw the pattern I felt it disappear. I would highly recommend Tania.

TRANSFORMATIONAL HYPNOSIS  How can hypnosis help me? 

Stress, Confidence, Anxiety, Creativity, Performance Enhancement, Phobias, Weight Loss, Self Image, Reclaiming Your Power, Experiencing Past Lives, Money Blocks, Anything You Can Think Of!

Many of the experiences we gather from life continue to affect us daily whether we realize it or not. Sometimes a problem we are currently having has its roots in a situation that happened long ago. Hypnosis can help us identify the cause of the problem quickly, and once the issue is addressed, powerful energetic changes can sometimes take hold immediately. The mind has amazing abilities and when we seek to understand it this way many beneficial things can happen, which can help you be more in control of your life and destiny. It is ultimately the vast wisdom of your subconscious mind that guides the journey.

Fascinating “aha” moments can be revealed, and this is where the true power lies – in the fact that your mind is showing you what need to see and understand, in order to reach your desired result, and shows you the way. You can continue to have these moments of clarity in the days and even weeks after a session which can give you answers to long held questions about your life or change long held habits or behavior.

Tania creates the environment, facilitates the intentions, asks the right questions and guides the release. Hypnosis can be used for just about any issue that you can think of. Below are just a few of the results some of her clients have experienced.

*   felt happier, energized and more in control

*   self empowerment and future goal setting

*   felt more peaceful and grounded

*   relief from social anxiety

*   weight loss

*  relief from anxiety & trauma

*   effective pain control

*   phobia relief from being afraid of the dark, flying, injections and snakes

*   relief from repressed fear and anger

*   enhanced creativity for professional songwriters & singers

*   elimination of stage fright 

*   performance enhancement of all kinds including stage, sports, and study

Tania’s years of experience as a performer also gives her special insights into working with people in the creative arts and she especially enjoys working with performers, songwriters and musicians. Prepare for auditions or showcases, studio recording and writing sessions, gain more confidence as a performer or enhance creativity by learning special techniques that put you in the zone.

To book a session email or book online below

Book a 60 Min Hypnosis Session  for one specific reason or follow up session


This 2 hour session includes an in depth review or “life map” where using a series of questions we discover where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go. Using hypnosis, energy work and creative visualization, this intensive will help you identify and release energetic blockages from your past and empower you to move forward towards your future goals. You will be fully clothed while laying down and guided into a peaceful state.

To book 2 Hr Life Map Healing Session email or book online below

Book a 120 min Lifemap Healing Session 

Tania provides a free 15 min consultation for this session. If you have questions or would like to see if this kind of session is right for you please feel free to Book Here, call her on 615.948.0097 or email her at

Doing auditions for record labels is nerve racking. Before I went into the studio I used the technique that you showed me and was “in the zone” immediately. Thank you Tania!

I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me Tania….I have been afraid of the dark ever since I was a little girl and never knew why until my session with you. Now for the first time in my life I can sleep with the lights off….and I am a grandmother! Thank you so much for helping me understand why this happened and help free me from this fear. I highly recommend this to anyone.

I feel like you married the parts of me together that were broken, shattered and torn apart. I feel WHOLE! I fee like I have something to offer the world for once. You didn’t just hypnotize me, you did some major heart surgery!! I KNOW I experienced something very very deep right to my core.

I had been in very bad pain for a long time with the doctors not knowing why after doing numerous tests. I went home after my session with you and for the first time in weeks I was pain free after being on heavy medication regularly. I feel happier than I have in a long time, energized and also more peaceful. Later that night the pain started to come back and I used the technique you gave me and it went away and I was able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain…Thank you so much!!

Last year, I went through a really difficult time with a job and a break up that triggered so much anxiety that my life became almost unmanageable. I have a background of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse and had tried everything to make just basic improvements to my existence including medication, EMDR, art therapy, talk therapy, and even pastoral counseling. I would make small gains that were often lost in endless trauma loops causing insomnia, hyper vigilance, stress headaches, rage attacks, and eventually almost full abreactions. It had gotten to the point where everyday things like walking my dogs or driving my car anywhere was too stressful for me. I also had zero trust in anyone and no longer felt comfortable sharing my past or my current feelings.

I stumbled upon Tania during a tarot reading where she offered her energy healing services. I was desperate and put my mistrust aside in hopes of finding any sort of relief. (I had worked for a psychiatrist and was afraid that hospitalization was the only next step for me after years of being high functioning. During my first healing session, without saying a word about my situation, I breathed through some rare tears as Tania gently rolled up my stress and emotional pain into an energetic ball and lifted it from my chest. I went home shocked but relieved, and the stress removed that day never came back.

I have been a firm believer in this practice ever since. This was the first “thing” that actually helped me. My headaches dramatically decreased and then went away, and I was no longer on the verge of a breakdown. Eventually, Tania suggested I get to the deeper root of my anxiety/PTSD and try hypnosis. Every session since then has been life changing, literally. I’ve broken off the energetic patterns of narcissistic abuse (including the remaining abusers), decreased my anxiety well over 70%, I sleep better, I feel an amazing sense of calm/peace, and my body has healed from the memory of abuse. A friend I’ve known for over 20 years visited over the holiday and said she had never seen me doing better…ever.

I’m learning to live in the present moment in my body, which is new for me, and I finally feel hopeful that my life is something I can look forward to instead of just try to survive until it’s over. Aside from being so effective and such a beautiful, simple process of healing, the improvement I’ve seen in my life has been almost effortless comparatively. I haven’t had to spend hours explaining deeply personal and painful memories, and the information I do give Tania, she receives without judgement or imposing her personal narrative. The energetic shifts are permanent and this type of healing also has a snowball effect….I continue to heal for weeks after a single session. I can’t say enough positive things. There aren’t many effective treatments for PTSD, and this modality has given me back my life and my true core personality.

Please Note: Although clients have reported wonderful outcomes including relief from long standing physical symptoms and other life problems, energy healing & hypnosis are not substitutes for qualified professional medical advice or treatment which is encouraged by Tania at all times. Tania Smith is not a licensed medical professional, makes no medical claims and does not diagnose or treat illness of any kind. Intuitive Readings are not substitutions for legal, medical, financial, business or professional advice of any kind and you are encouraged to seek the correct professional or licensed counsel at all times. Readings are subject to interpretation and the actions of the client and by making a booking with Tania Smith you are agreeing Tania Smith will not be held responsible for any damages or losses sustained by the actions of the client due to the reading. All information discussed with Tania is completely private and confidential.


Tania is now performing Tibetan space clearing & blessings. She has been offering this service in person privately for homes, recording studios, restaurants, hair salons and more in the Nashville area and now she is still offering them in person but also by Zoom! Yes Zoom! Which works just as well! Yes! Really!

A house or place of business holds the energy of everything that happens in it. It’s why some places evoke a feeling of calm and peace, like a church or temple, etc. And others can hold negative vibrations. Just as it is important to cleanse our home physically, cleansing and blessing energetically can be very powerful too and be a positive catalyst for changes you want to make in any area of your life.    

The process uses water and incense as well as the power of sound. After chanting certain Tibetan mantras for many years as part of her energy training and daily spiritual practice Tania will chant these special heart mantras in your home or place of business for cleansing, blessing and powerful protection of the space. This helps to clear out old energy and invite in beautiful positive energy and more light. Many clients report being able to see and feel this lightness instantly in their home or business once the process is completed.

Book a 15 minute free consultation with Tania

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