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Tibetan Soul Healing  Tse Dup Yang Bod 

Tse means life force   Dup means to intensify   Yang means the highest essence of the soul energy,   Bod means to retrieve through dedicated practice

Tse Dup Yang Bod is a very deep and comprehensive Tibetan healing system & spiritual practice from a 7th century Tibetan Bon text written by Lama Tsewang Rigzin. It was given to him in meditation by the Tibetan Dakini Thuk Je Kundrol. It is known as a longevity practice for balancing the soul & life force energies which can be performed for oneself as a daily practice or for the healing benefit of others. All participants that complete the 3 year program with all requirements will be certified as a Tibetan Tse Dup Soul Healer.

For us to be happy, healthy and able to manifest our life well in all the different areas, we must have a balanced energy system. Due to stress, trauma or disease our energies become blocked resulting in soul loss and a decreased life force. Signs of soul loss are increasing obstacles in every aspect of our life including depression, bad luck or long standing illness.

This form of healing helps us to connect to the five powerful elemental energies that are the very fabric of our existence. The universal energy that runs through everything including our bodies. Understanding this intricate dance of earth, wind, fire, water and space, helps us to balance the energies of mind, body and spirit for healing, spiritual growth and self awareness. 

In this three year program you will learn to build five unique energies and channel them through your palms for deep soul healing through balancing the energy of 5 major organs and systems in the body, each strengthening a unique spiritual “wisdom” and decreasing troubling emotions known as “poisons”.  You will also learn divinations to understand how the healing is being received, space clearing and house blessing as well as powerful mantras which help strengthen all aspects of life. As you progress through the program your meditations and sense of purpose will deepen as you expand your awareness and intuition. As you move deeper into the program and fulfill energetic requirements your healing energy will increase as your energy body becomes stronger and more resilient against all forms of negative energy. This strength and resilience is what allows you to send powerful healing energy to others and perform hands on healing sessions.

This complete energetic program prepares the healer to assist in every way, with any issue including practices to assist the dying. Participants who complete the whole training will be certified as Drup Shen, Tse Dup Soul Healers, and will be able to perform healing sessions on behalf of others in accordance with the Tibetan Bon tradition and lineage.

Tse Dup Yang Bod – Certified Healer Program

This is a three year program. All attendees who complete the three year program with all practice requirements will be certified as Drup Shen Ma or Drup Shen Pa (Soul Healers) and will be able to perform healing sessions for others.

Participants will meet four times a year for weekend workshops. Each three day weekend class starts at 6pm on Friday evening and finishes on Sunday evening at 7pm.  The teaching is from an unbroken lineage and the program is taught in the traditional Tibetan way, including transmission and empowerment. Tania studied Tse Dup with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche for five years and was given the lineage empowerment by His Holiness Menri Trizen 33rd of Menri Monastery who was the spiritual head of the Bon for the world. She then took the 5 year training again to deepen her knowledge even more while beginning to teach it to others. Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche gave her the spiritual name Lumo Woekar and in 2023 she will begin her 7th group of students in this program.


(Students will meet four times a year for three day weekend workshops)

Learn about the ancient Tibetan Bon spiritual tradition where this healing practice comes from.

Learn how to use the Long Life mantra to build healing energy in order to balance and strengthen ones own soul energy and also heal others. Learn how to bring more light into the body for healing and balance.

Learn about the Bon understanding of the soul &  life force energies and how they move through the body, including recognizing how and why soul and life force loss happens. Then learn how to generate, strengthen and channel these energies for deep healing of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. 

Learn about the five directions, five inner and outer elements, inner poisons (negative emotions) and wisdoms, including how they relate to five major organs in the body.

Learn soul and life force retrieval practices using the Turquoise, Dadhar (long life arrow), and Melong (mirror) for generating and collecting these energies through ritual.

Learn ancient Tibetan yoga practices that open the energy channels in the body.

Learn four of the main mantras and their meanings that make up part of the Preliminary Practices which help to build self awareness through purification.


(Students will meet four times a year for three day weekend workshops)

Deepen our connection and work with the Yang energy which is the highest quality of the energies.

Learn to generate the essence of each elemental energy in the palms for hands on healing sessions.

Learn traditional Bon divination techniques to understand whether the healing has been successful or whether more healing work is needed including practices to help determine if the energy is not returning because the person is close to death. Then there are other practices to assist with a peaceful transition.

Learn drumming techniques that are part of the healing ritual.

Learn the remaining Preliminary Practice Mantras.


(Students will meet four times a year for three day weekend workshops)

Learn to read and assess soul dynamism

Integrate and understand on a deep level how the Tse Dup practice returns the soul energy into the life force, returns the life force to the life and  the life into the Ni syllable.

Receive the full transmission and empowerment of Tse Dup Yang Bod in order to be able to perform healing for others as a certified Tse Dup Soul Healer (Drup Shen Ma or Drup Shen Pa).

This teaching is vital for anyone wishing to learn about one of the worlds oldest spiritual healing practices that  has been passed down from an unbroken lineage and is still powerful and relevant today. Anyone from beginner to advanced energy healers will benefit as well as therapists, health care providers as this is a very deep system of healing that heals the student as they are learning to heal others. It is known as an enlightenment practice and provides for very deep soul healing. Tania Smith is a Tse Dup Lopon Ma and is one of the first teachers in the US certified by Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche. She has been practicing this form of healing for over 12 years.

“To study this teaching is to study the heart of compassion”

                                                                                            Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche

If Tse Dup is presenting itself to you at this time or you feel like you are being called to it, listen to your intuition and JOIN THE CLASS!  When Tse Dup found me, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not it was for me.  I was not actively looking for an eastern-style practice but it kept calling to me, first through Tania’s Heart Mantra series and then in many other magical ways.
By the end of the first year of the class, I noticed a significant shift in my energy.  I had more peace, quiet, and calm in my mind and I was overall more disciplined as a result of the practice.  The practice has helped me to trust my intuition and increased my confidence in my own ability to be the connection between the source healing energy and my client.  It’s been a life-changing practice that I have used in a variety of ways, including using the love and compassion mantra to help with challenging days, assisting my dog Moose in his transition, and doing healing rituals for myself and my loved ones………….Emily G.

2022 Program  – (current students only)

Year 2 Dates                     

The program is taught in 4 weekend trainings a year for 3 years. 

Daily Schedule for all weekends retreats is Fri – 6pm – 9pm & Sat & Sunday 10am – 7pm 

Weekend 1      Feb 11 – 13 (2.5 Day Intensive)                                           

Weekend 2      April 29 – May 1st (2.5 Day Intensive)                                       

Weekend 3      July 29 – 31  (2.5 Day Intensive)                                          

Weekend 4      Oct 21 – 23  (2.5 Day Intensive)                             

Year 3 Dates

Weekend 1     Feb 18 – 20 (2.5 Day Intensive)

Weekend 2     April 22- 24 (2.5 Day Intensive)

Weekend 3     July 22 – 24 (2.5 Day Intensive)                                          

Weekend 4    Oct 14 – 16 (2.5 Day Intensive)                         

Empowerment & Graduation Ceremony Date w/ Chongtul Rinpoche TBA

All retreats in 2022 will be on Zoom until further notice. Please note you will need to be able to travel to Nashville for the final empowerment which is given in person after all retreats are completed. Date TBA.

Payment for 2022 weekend retreats

Payment Options

Ancient Healing For A Modern World – Vicki Jenkins Ph.D

Engaging The Life Force – by Tania Smith & Mitch Nur

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