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Beautiful Mystery CD

Opening with a beautiful Tibetan chant by Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche, the CD features Tania Smith, her band SpaceJunky & 2 other artists Pru Clearwater & Seay. They all donated their music to support Tibetan Bon children & 100% of the proceeds goes to Bon Shen Ling, a registered 501c3 in the US. All the songs are music of hope, love & beauty, inspiring peace compassion & goodwill. We hope you will consider purchasing this limited edition CD. It is not available for download but you can listen below to selected songs. The CD is $20 donation plus $2.50 S/H.

The CD is $20 donation plus $2.50 S/H.


Temple Of Love – This song is featured on the Beautiful Mystery CD. The video was filmed in Tibet and the song was written by Tania and Rafe Van Hoy (SpaceJunky’s producer). They wrote it 10 years before they went to Tibet and while standing in the Potala Palace in the room of the 6th Dalai Lama who was the musical Dalai Lama they realized the song was about His Holiness being  able to one day return to Tibet.


Inspired by a sacred journey to Tibet, 7 Tears Of Tara is an introduction to energy healing through the chakras Ambient piano floating on cosmic clouds help open your chakras and renew your energy. For yoga, massage, meditation or just relaxing.

“My son who is Autistic usually has trouble falling asleep and STAYING asleep. Last night he fell asleep listening to your CD and the big accomplishment here is that he stayed asleep. No night waking at 2 or 3am. Thanks!”


Cosmic Vision is a song  from the “7 Tears Of Tara” CD. The music video was filmed in the virtual world of Second Life and features Tania’s animated avatar Shakti Cianci.

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