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This is a three year program. All attendees who complete the three year program with all practice requirements will be certified as Drup Shen Ma or Drup Shen Pa (Soul Healers) and will be able to perform healing sessions for others.
Please note you do not need to commit to the full 3 year program now you may take the first weekend on February 17th – 19th. Each weekend class is pay as you go and you will receive more information on Tuesday after sign up.
February 17th-19th  – $375


ENERGY HEALING – Tibetan 5 Element Healing – Tse Dup Yang Bod

This form of energy healing works on the premise that there are five elements in nature, which are represented in our bodies. When these get out of balance due to stress, trauma or disease our energies become blocked & depleted resulting in energy loss and a decreased life force. Signs of soul loss are increasing obstacles in every aspect of our daily life including pain, depression, bad luck or long standing illness.

This 3 year course offers deep and profound soul healing, by clearing blockages of unresolved physical, mental and emotional pain, if the course is completed with all the requirements. It also strengthens the energy field allowing for major spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness, while assisting a wide variety of physical and emotional issues. The goal being to help you find lasting happiness and well being. Energy is channelled to various parts of the body helping to bring mind body, and spirit back into alignment and strengthen the energy body.

It can also be a very helpful complement to medical treatment to help manage side effects of procedures as well as support during chemotherapy.

Benefits can include but are not limited to:

✨relief from stress and anxiety

✨expanded awareness & feeling more positive

✨sleeping better & more energy

✨relief from pain & physical and emotional symptoms

✨meditating more deeply

✨a deeper sense of spiritual connection

✨promotes a sense of well being

Tania Smith has almost 2 decades experience with clients as an energy healer and 10 years as a teacher. Her training and her credentials include,

Tibetan Tse Dup Yang Bod – 5 Element Soul Healing, training with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche (5 year study) including traditional lineage transmissions and empowerments from both Chongtul Rinpoche and His Holiness 33rd, the abbot of Menri Monastery in India. – Certifications include Tibetan Drup Shen Ma (Tibetan Soul Healer) & Tse Dup Lopon Ma (Tibetan Tse Dup Teacher) as well as ongoing training in other Tibetan practices (9+ years).

She also has 20+ years experience as a professional touring and studio musician with major recording artists, including writing a Grammy winning song which serves as experience for mentoring those in the music and entertainment industry. She creates custom music for sound healing that is used in her healing sessions and recorded meditation programs. Other certifications include Peruvian shamanic training & she holds four hypnosis certifications. All of this experience combined serves as her background for intuitive readings, energy healing, past life and  hypnosis sessions.

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